I wish I could follow your extortion to go out & vote but alas I’m an Australian. I don’t know why I care so much about what happens in the US as life’s pretty good here (yes we have inflation too 😉). Actually I do know why - we’ve always been partners with the US in every war or conflict & need the US to retain its democracy & leadership on the world stage. Aussies love freedom & democracy too & care about what’s happening there.

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Like you, I'm extremely angry about the GQP's antics, and far too much of our media's coverage of the election and issues facing this country. I just completed my absentee ballot. For the first time in my life, I voted a straight ticket. I'm not the type of independent voter often portrayed in the media, so my ballot isn't what they'd expect.

You seem to be more optimistic than I about the election results, but I will be more than delighted to apologize to you. Hope that your new job is going well.

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I also voted straight blue this past Friday.

I really do think the pollsters are missing just how upset women still are over Dobbs. I think by sticking with likely voters they are missing all the new voters that have registered the last couple of years.

But we'll know early next week!

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