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Thus far, Trump's tactics have paid off very well for many people. Trump became president and grifted hundreds of millions from donors, taxpayers, and foreign governments. The Saudis gave billions to Kushner and Mnuchin. Hundred reds of enablers and hangers-on were elected to Congress and state offices. The oligarchy class has hoarded trillions. Our democracy is barely on life support. Even if the latest (in the pathetic class of prosecutors unable to figure out how to prosecute Trump) actually indicts Trump, it will electrify his base. We're entering 2024 with the same candidates, a wildly partisan SCOTUS, a GOP that will (of course) fall in line to support Trump, a changing of the Democratic party guard, and what appears to be a deliberate decimation of the pro-democracy public square (Twitter). I see nothing that brings me glee, the most I can summon is ironic laughter at the idea that the GOP will fracture vs supporting Trump. Of course they will debase themselves once again, despite the current chest-pounding by RW media, Pompeo, Christie, etc.

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I agree with this assessment in its entirety.

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Thanks LC - I enjoyed this recap of Trump events and thoughts about the GOP dilemma.

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That is all very plausible. The iconic photo of Trump seated next to Obama in the White House after winning in 2016, shows an unmistakable “deer in the headlights” look on Trump’s face.

Thinking that he chose deliberately to run as a caricature of a conservative gives him more credit than I have so far, but I have to admit it seems likely. In a weird twist, he shares that origin story (somewhat) with Zelensky, who started as a political satirist.

I wish Trump had stayed cowed. Unfortunately his new position quickly went to his narcissistic brain, and he became drunk on power.

What a strange tale, with all the elements of Shakespeare and the classic ancient fables.

I’m wondering if you read Mary Trump’s book about her Uncle Donald’s life. I found it very interesting and enlightening, in the dark sense of the word.

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