Thanks for writing this! I started writing a comment basically along these same

lines but it started getting pretty long and I started getting pretty angry! It’s infuriating that he chastises Dems for “lumping in Hispanics with other POC” when he literally did the same thing. Yet he still talks about Hispanic voters as a monolith - just a monolith that is “upwardly mobile, patriotic, and concerned about jobs and education and healthcare” as compared, I suppose,

to the other “POC” voters who by implication must *not* be “upwardly mobile or patriotic” or care about things like jobs, education and healthcare! Or at least not as much as the “liberal activist stuff”. What utter patronizing nonsense!

I don’t understand why he just doesn’t say “I was wrong. The political motivations driving different racial groups and different types of immigrants are much more complicated and nuanced than I imagined. While most non-white voters voted for Democrats and I though they always would, I now realize that lots of variables besides race can determine voter behavior - things like socioeconomic status, education level, religion, home country, immigrant status, time in the US, culture, and systemic racism all affect different groups of non-white voters in different ways - many in unpredictable ways.”

But no it’s just “listen you stupid Democrats, why don’t you try to understand what Hispanics think is important and pander to that” ugh

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Great article. I read a lot of your comments on Morning Shots / Triad & like the views you espouse especially your optimism. So more regular posts on here are welcome & will certainly be read by me. Cheers 🥂

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Thank you for the detailed dissection. I learned just enough in my undergrad psychometrics course to know that polling is notoriously difficult for many reasons; that's why I try to pay very little attention to all of them. Appears to me that your evaluation of Teixeira at The Bulwark is spot on.

Regarding your question about content: it's my firm belief that writers do their best work when they write when they want on topics that interest/inspire them, and write as much as needed to communicate their ideas. I'm still here and active, so what you're doing is working for me. :)

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This is good. Shorter hot takes are fine too.

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